Using Mobile Phones in Identity – concluded

This project looked at how a collaboration between the major mobile network providers (MNOs) could transform the ease and convenience in accessing services which require identity assurance.

Mobile devices and connectivity have become almost ubiquitous; today there are more mobile devices and SIM cards in the United Kingdom than there are people: over 90% of UK adults use at least one mobile phone.

The project looked specifically at the following areas:

  • How a mobile device could increase user convenience and security at log in
  • With the user’s consent, how validation of mobile account details might increase assurance in the user’s identity
  • Requirements for the architectural design of a cross industry service

The main goal was to identify where a cross MNO service could enhance the user experience when transacting digitally.  Such a service must align with the Governments Good Practice Guides and needs to be commercially viable for all parties: customers, MNOs, Identity Providers.

EE, Vodafone, 02, Three, DigidentityExperianMydexPost Office and Verizon delivered this project.


The results of this project can be read in the white paper.