South Yorkshire (1) Bridging the “Digital Divide” – concluded

Some demographics in the UK do not have enough identity “footprint” or documentation to prove they are who they say they are.

This project looked at how this identity challenge then creates issues for them around access to financial products such debit cards. And how, if they had access to a debit card, this might change their buying, paying behaviours.

This discovery project lead to the subsequent project “Investigating the Challenges in Digital Identity”

South Yorkshire Digital by Default Project Nominated for Awards in the Local Government Cronical for Recognising Innovation both in the Health and Social Care Category and the Most Innovative Service Category Awards Shortlist

02, South Yorkshire Credit Union, Barnsley Borough Council, Easy Connects, Securekey, The University of Sheffield and Berneslai Homes delivered this project and report.


Learn about the results in the White Paper