Social Network Data for Activity History Alpha – concluded 

This alpha project explored the hypothesis: ‘ A service providing Internal Live Verification data allows for  assertion of activity history of an individual and contributes to establishing a trustworthy digital identity for access to online services’.

When establishing digital identity, as per Good Practise Guide 45, certified companies have to verify an individual across three areas: Citizen, Money and Living. This provides breath of evidence to prove that the individual is who they say they are. At the same time certified companies need to prove continuous existence of that identity, ie. activity history.

In Jan 2016 59% of UK population had active social media accounts (Digital in 2016 Report p490), compared to 50% in 2013. Such data would prove valuable to certified companies, when trying to establish high level assurance digital identity for a citizen, within the activity history element (Element E in GPG 45).

In 2013 OIX completed a project that looked at ILV and how citizens could use it to establish their digital identity. The project white paper can be found here. The project concluded that there wasn’t a great understanding among citizens of the use of ILV within Government context and concerns around privacy were raised. As social media is being used by people in more transactions and with introduction of capabilities such as Facebook Connect, the understanding might have moved on. As such, as part of the above hypothesis, this project will test the user journey that allows individuals to assert their ILV when creating a digital identity within Government context.

Project Participants:  Veridu, LexisNexis, Experian, Post Office, Verizon


Learn about the results of this project in the White Paper.