Project Scope


The OIX Social Media Support Programme is a new membership benefit that we are piloting, which allows members to share relevant thought leadership articles and industry events they may be running, of which OIX will then promote across their social media channels to help amplify your messaging.

  1. Social media platforms

The primary platforms that will be utilised initially will be Twitter and our LinkedIn group.

  1. Types of content

We respectively request our members to share with OIX thought leadership content and events that are of interest to our wider community. We will not be able to share or amplify any overt sales messaging.

  1. Frequency of posts

Our Social Media Manager will be pulling together a content plan to ensure that the messaging fits in with other communications planned. Please ensure all content you wish to be included is sent through with ample time for promotion. To begin with we will be capping tweets for each event or article at 2 tweets. This may increase if OIX are in attendance at the event and this does not include OIX whitepapers that may have been co-authored by members, of which we will have a different plan of promotion.

  1. Statistics

OIX will be happy to share engagement statistics for tweets sent out and can include your UTM codes in their tweets to allow for measurement of effectiveness.

  1. Trial period

This programme will be trialled between 1st October 2017 and 31st December 2017. At the end of the time period we will request feedback about the pilot and its value to our members. This will be fed back to the OIX board and help us decide on how we proceed following the completion of the pilot.

We kindly ask that members also read the OIX Code of Professional Conduct

To get involved in this new membership benefit, please email us:

Project Status