Shared Signals IDP – IDP Proof of Concept – concluded 

Following on from the earlier Discovery Project and white paper, this Alpha project tests how signals can be shared between IdPs via a signal manager.  In accordance with the Discovery Project findings, the signal manager should be one in which IdPs have sufficient trust; and signals should adhere to the principle of minimal personal data sharing and be of sufficient quality to match and to take action on.

The initial phase of this project will test the generation, sharing and receipt of at least two key signals with dummy data via a signal manager.  Future phases may test additional signals types; and may explore other questions relating to the sharing of signals.  This agile, phased approach will allow for rapid progress; and for additional participants to join as interests align, and resource constraints permit.

Confyrm, Post Office, Digidentity


Learn about the results of this project in the White Paper.