Warwickshire (2): Can attribute provision, together with identity assurance, transform local government Services? – concluded

Identity assurance is key if we are to enable the digital by default strategy. It provides a means of common access to services across central and local government. But the bigger opportunity arises when we can access and use data. We call this “attribute provision”. This is when it becomes possible to transform services.

This project looked at how attribute provision can be enabled through the identity assurance infrastructure. This is a practical way to achieve what has long been talked about, a digital infrastructure that enables data to flow freely, cheaply, securely and with the permission of the service user, to underpin the delivery of services online.

This project had two key requirements:

  •  To establish the identity of the citizen (user) when they create an online account / relationship with Warwickshire County Council
  •  To obtain additional identity information about the citizen from third parties as part of a bigger more complex transaction.

Mydex and Verizon delivered this project.


Learn about the results of this project in the White Paper.