PIB-d Ltd believes that individuals should be able to choose a Personal Data Service (PDS) from a managed market, and then use their new account to (i) link to, and communicate with, many different counterparties, both organisations and other individuals; and (ii) control the sharing of trustworthy personal data to and between them.

The likely lead application is a portable personal education record, to be used by learners as a point in the cloud from which to interact with learning providers, and transition between them and into employment, citing trustworthy qualifications and (evidence contributing to) proof of identity as they go. We call the concept ‘Personal Data Ecosystem, starting in Education’, or PDE-E for short.

Complementary applications include payment, distributed ‘social’ networking, reverse marketing (i.e. VRM), proof of identity (including LOA3), proof of age and student status, and so on.

PIB-d was created in 2011 as hybrid, half owned by (parts of) the UK’s HE sector and half privately. We then paused until gov.Verify became a known quantity.  A consensus paper ‘Building a PDE as a complement to Verify’ is available.  Working with OIX-UK, we are keen to see whether there is sufficient interest to take the project forward.


Website: www.pib-d.net

Email: john.harrison@pib-d.net