Our established, international network of more than 28,000 photobooths, primarily aimed at the consumer market, is the leading brand across all of our territories. This network is supported, maintained and upgraded by our skilled team of field engineers and is connected via a sophisticated remote monitoring telemetry system.

Our integrated proprietary software ensures all photographs conform to International Standards Organisation (ISO) and International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) regulations for photo identification.

Market leading brands include: Photo-Me, Photomaton, Prontophot, FOTOFIX, Nippon Auto Photo, Foto-Já!

In addition to traditional 2D photo identification services, we have cutting edge technologies that offer governments secure integrated solutions, including biometric data capture, secure and direct transfer of data to government servers and 3D facial image capture via our photobooths.

We work closely with national and international institutions to fully understand government standards and security requirements. To date, our government ID security solutions have been successfully deployed in France, Switzerland, Germany, China, Japan, Georgia and Ireland.

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email:   ir@photo-me.co.uk