CEF: Opening a Bank Account Across Borders with an EU National Digital Identity – Completed

The objective of this project is to illustrate how a verified digital identity can be used to improve the current sometimes cumbersome, paper based, time consuming processes that EU citizens have to engage with to open bank accounts in another EU country. This process currently is a barrier to both citizen and bank alike.

The project specifically considers how a digital identity, created in a live digital identity service in France, can be transported through a technology infrastructure as described in the eIDAS[2] regulation to a UK bank’s customer onboarding service. The aim is to demonstrate how a digital identity could improve the customer’s experience, as well as provide additional benefits to the banks through reduced operational burden.

The project was driven by a consortium of Barclays, Government Digital Service (part of Her Majesty’s UK Government), HSBC, IDEMIA, the OIX (Open Identity Exchange) and Orange. ForgeRock, SecureKey and Ariadnext supported the consortium by providing a technology and services. The Consortium was awarded grant funding for the project from the European Commission’s Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA[1]) in May 2017 to deliver the project and the Consortium’s findings. The coordination and management of the delivery has been performed by the OIX on behalf of the Consortium members.


This project is the recipient of the funding from the CEF:

[1] For more details https://ec.europa.eu/inea/en/connecting-europe-facility/cef-telecom

[2] eiDAS is an EU regulation and sets the standards for electronic identification and trust services for transactions in the European Single Market.

White Paper

Learn about the results of this project in the White Paper 

CEF User Journey Prototype (Dec 2017)

Pre-discovery Report available HERE.

Discovery Report available HERE.


Barclays, HSBC, Idemia, Orange, GDS

Project Co-ordinator:  

Harry Weber-Brown