Project Scope


The OIXnet registry is designed to provide a single comprehensive and authoritative location where information relating to identity systems can be safely stored for the purpose of putting others on notice of certain facts, and from which such documents and information can be accessed by interested stakeholders seeking such information. Identity systems registered at OIXnet include but are not limited to trust frameworks, trust schemes and certification programs.

OIXnet is the first registry developed by global leaders across industry sectors to enable online transactions at higher volumes, velocity and variety. The registry provides Trust Framework Providers (TFPs) and Communities of Interest (COIs) a platform to develop trust through transparency and enable increased adoption through exposure. The OIXnet registry offers identity system participants in the private and public sectors an opportunity to share trust-related information about their respective systems and deployments to encourage global interoperability while enabling transparency and best practices.

OIX is taking a prudent and measured approach is rolling out the OIXnet Registry. We started with the OpenID Connect self-certification pilot whereby the OpenID Foundation is registering self-certifications at OIXnet. These registrations are published at  The OpenID Foundation rolled-out its self-certification program out in phases and started registering early adopters in April 2015 that include ForgeRock, Google, Microsoft, Nomura Research Institute, PayPal, and Ping Identity.

The OIXnet Registry is currently a pilot registering new and diverse trust frameworks and communities of interest. The plan is to continue the momentum of new pilot registrations at OIXnet in 2017 and then to make the registry and pricing available to all potential registrants later in the year.

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Project Status

(updated 28th March 2017)

OIXnet Registry

The OIXnet Pilot is open to Open Identity Exchange Members in good standing.

Project Co-ordinator:  
Mike Leszsz, Open Identity Exchange

Last Month Activity:
Additional registrations.

Next Month Activity:
Refresh of the OIXnet Registry website.