Mobile Data for Activity History – Concluded

TeleSign designed and developed a prototype for a service for Identity Providers that returns a response on whether the mobile phone number has demonstrated ‘normal’ activity over a given time period (eg 30/60/90 days). The service was be based on TeleSign’s openly published interpretation of the requirements of GPG 45 Element E for Level of Assurance 2 as applied to TeleSign held data.

The project invited Identity Providers to test the prototype service in conjunction with the xMNO service and articulate the benefits that the service provides.

The project was conducted in three overlapping phases:

  • a design phase in which all stakeholders agreed the logical design of a service that would meet the requirements of an Identity Provider registering a customer under GOV.UK Verify. This phase included:
    • design of an open API that can be called
    • design of the responses returned by the API
    • agreement of how the User should provide consent for the Identity Provider to use the service
  • a build phase in which TeleSign developed a prototype of the service
  • a test phase in which the Identity Providers tested the service in conjunction with the xMNO service and established the benefits that the service would deliver if created as a production service.

Telesign, Digidentity, Post Office, GDS


Learn about the results in the White Paper.