Meeco is an Australian start-up founded in 2012, and headquartered in Sydney Australia. In 2014, Meeco released the world’s first Life Management Platform, giving individuals the ability to capture, store, sync and share

their personal data and identity.  What makes the Meeco service unique is that it is entirely based on user permission and consent.  Meeco enables both peer-2-peer and direct exchange with trusted organisations.

Offering a range of simple productivity tools, Meeco users are able to control the use of their digital identity, social and personal information, enabling the choice of whom and on what terms personal information is accessed.

Whether it’s organising all of your disparate documents, privately browsing the web, sharing your identity with an organisation to access a service, chatting privately through an encrypted channel or sharing preferences, Meeco puts you in control of these exchanges.

For organisations, Meeco is a new, privacy compliant multi-sided marketplace for organisations to offer personalised solutions and channels to build trust. Organisations can incorporate Meeco to create value for customers by simplifying on boarding and personalising experiences, resulting in shared value and new collaboration economy business models.

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