Project Scope

LIGHTest is a project to build a global trust infrastructure that enables transactions in a wide variety of applications.  An ever increasing number of transactions are conducted virtually over the internet, but how can you be sure the person making the transaction is who they say the are? This EC funded project addresses the issues by looking to create a global trust infrastructure.

On a global scale there are an increasing number of electronic transactions that are becoming part of every day life and it is necessary to have assistance from authorities to certify electronic identities. But how can we securely query those authorities? This LIGHTest project attempts to solve this problem by building a global trust infrastructure, looking to use the existing Internet Domain Name system and its existing infrastructure, governance and security standards.

Open Identity Exchange’s Key Role

This project looks to reach out beyond Europe, to build a global community. Open Identity Exchange’s role is as the curator of a two way global conversation, embracing business, legal and technical aspects of this complex research project, ensuring that the development of the two code bases ‘Technical Code’ and ‘Legal’ code are aligned and interoperable From the European LIGHTest team to a global community of standards development organisations (SDOs), industry opinion leaders and technical subject matter experts ensuring that feedback from that community provides early insight and influence on the development of the LIGHTest Project. 

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We’ve begun that effort in Europe and the USA in a series of technical workshops at IETF, OpenID Foundation and other SDO events. We are coordinating a concurrent legal and policy workshops with the American Bar Association’s Task Force on Identity, the World Bank Identity for Development (ID4D), and others.

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As is our custom, issues and output from the information exchange at these workshops are reported out in a series of Open Identity Exchange White Papers like these:  International Identity Law and Policy Workshop and Identity Law and Policy Workshop.

How to find out more

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This three year project began on 1st September 2016 and is partially funded from the European Unions Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under G.A. No. 700321. The LIGHTest consortium consists of 14 partners from 9 European countries and is co-ordinated by Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft.

Project Status

LIGHTest One Pagers

To help explain the legal, business and technical elements of the project, three short one page documents have been created.

Recent LIGHTest Presentations

Rachelle Sellung, University of Stuttgart and Hans Graux, Timelex, have recently presented at the International Identity Law and Policy Workshop, take a look over the presentation. In addition, Hans Graux also presented at the LIGHTest International Forum Workshop, taking a closer look at the legal and policy challenges. The presentation can be viewed here.

Read all the latest public deliverables:

Requirements and Use Cases for LIGHTest: a full perspective of what is needed to achieve the highest potential of success

Reference Architecture: this deliverable describes architectural principles and both functional and technical goals addressed by the architecture.

Inventories: In order to get a greater understanding of the basis that LIGHTest is building upon, it is essential to conduct a state of the art analysis of the key topics that will be built upon.

Definition of Requirements for Derivation and Attestation of Mobile IDs: to approach the complex scenario in a structured way, this deliverable will focus on generic requirements on the architecture level.

Composition of Advisory Board: this document serves to describe the initial membership of the LIGHTest advisory board.

LIGHTest presentations from OIX workshop 9th March, 2017 Amsterdam:

Read the first Press Release about this project

See the Presentation held during the ISSE event

One World Identity Podcast

Cameron D’Ambrosi, One World Identity’s Director of News and Media hosts the State of Identity podcast and on 25th July 2017, he was joined by Hans Graux, Founding Partner of time.lex, Rachelle Sellung Senior Scientist at the University of Stuttgart and OIX Founder & Chairman Don Thibeau to discuss LIGHTest. Listen to the podcast here.