The Island of Jersey is the largest of the Channel Islands with an area of 45 square miles, and is situated 14 miles off the north-west coast of France and 85 miles from the south coast of England. Jersey is not part of the UK – it is a British Crown Dependency and is governed by its own parliament, the States of Jersey. The Island is not represented at Westminster: UK acts of parliament only extend to Jersey if expressly agreed to by the Island.

The 100,500 Islanders enjoy a relatively high standard of living thanks to the strong economy and a balanced budget, but the cost of government services continues to grow and there is an ageing society. Better use of technology and more use of online services will enable the public sector to be more cost-effective.

The Island has the ambition of becoming a digitally enabled society, with a thriving digital industry as a new pillar of its economy.

Digital ID is seen as a foundational piece in Jersey’s eGovernment platform and a pre-requisite to an acceleration of the introduction and uptake of new online services.