Folio was formed around a single vision – empowering the world through identity.

The founders of Folio have had extensive experience delivering e-voting systems and saw firsthand the difficulties, inefficiencies and segregation that the current identity systems breeds. And so, Folio was born – a platform that delivers a simple digital identity solution for government and business, bringing inclusivity, security and efficiency to all identity transactions.


Using a modular, end to end system Folio provides citizen registration, digital identity issuance and a public/private verification platform.  Governments and businesses can use Folio to issue digital identities directly to citizens via the Folio mobile wallet app where the ID document is encrypted, locally stored and secured by multifactor authentication.  Users can then use their Folio wallet to simply, quickly and remotely respond to any identity verification request.

Folio believes that privacy and control are cornerstones of modern identity and so have designed the platform to ensure that identity owners remain in command of their data, whilst providing a simple and cost effective solution to governments and relying parties.

Folio – because identity is a right not a privilege.


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