Factern was born of frustration: frustration with the difficulty of getting permissioned and secure access to digital resources that are widely distributed and privately controlled. So we set out to build a low cost, shared infrastructure to support the creation of ‘trust frameworks’ of all kinds, and quickly realised that metadata is key: to discover resources, specify and implement governance, map relationships and track activity.

The Metadata Meta Protocol (MDMP) is about giving primacy to metadata, describing it in a way that is consistent, flexible and extensible. It’s about storing metadata on a secure, persistent and decentralised basis, and treating it as valuable data, accessible with the right permissions. It’s about creating a shareable, trustable and scalable metadata layer to mutualise costs and capture network effects.

MDMP can be implemented by any vendor on any technology for application in any use case involving distributed resource sharing.

Factern exists to promote the adoption of MDMP as a universal standard for metadata management. We deliver projects to implement ‘trust frameworks’ that draw on the functionality – and benefits – to be extracted from a shared metadata layer, leveraging Factern’s cloud-based implementation of MDMP for PoC and MVP development.

For more information, visit www.factern.com