Face to Face Registration – Concluded

GOV.UK Verify is an online experience for online services.  The user is able to verify themselves online without the need for step out channels, and to then access online services from central govt.  However, a user may falter in verifying themselves online.  Although this could be for a myriad of reasons, two in particular stand out.  Firstly, that the user does not have a wide enough digital footprint for an Identity Provider to provide a Level of Assurance 2.  Secondly that the user lacks confidence in completing the online verification process.  In both of these scenarios there may be an opportunity to increase the likelihood of successful completion if they were offered the opportunity to complete the process in a face to face environment.

By asserting a Passport or a Driver’s license and having this document scanned could provide a higher level of assurance against Element A and Element C of the Good Practice Guidelines 45.  In addition, if a person arrives at a High Street venue with bank statements this will cover Element E of the GPGs 45.  This may prove to be of significant value to both the Identity Providers and to the user in gaining a Level of Assurance 2 for GOV.UK Verify.

This project explored the users understanding and capacity, architecture, technology and process involved in guiding a user who has failed to gain a digital identity with GOV.UK Verify – to a Timpson shop (ArkHive) – assert their passport or drivers licence and bank statements in a face to face environment – scan and verify those documents – and then pass this up to the IDP for a completed Verify process.  This will include the requirements for a Timpson colleague if applying this as a new service.

Project Participants

Timpson, Safran Morpho, Government Digital Service


Learn about the results in the White Paper