Project Scope

  1. This Beta project will take the findings and recommendations from the Alpha project and apply them to real customers accessing real local authority services. For the purposes of this project we will use 1 IDP and as such will be looking at Third Party Identity assurance currently permitted under Verify contracts. As Verify is a multi-IDP model, at a later stage all IDPs could join a private sector hub and, as such, provide a full GOV.UK Verify federation experience to LAs.

The project is due to start in March 2019 and expected to run over an 6 month period, ending August 2019.

LBTH will aim to onboard a minimum of 500 customers up to a maximum of 1,000 as part of the Beta project.

The project will include development of the proposition from a personal data store provider to meet LA needs, to be included in the Digital Marketplace, (ie service providing interoperable digital identities that meet government standards, personal data store, etc)

  • Discussions with GDS around evolving what the Third Party Identity assurance IDPs can provide under current Verify contracts, including:

○ Self-asserted entry level accounts
○ Presenting the user with a single IdP when they first register for their account ○ Certified local data being used in ID proofing
○ Ongoing use of the accounts created in Beta

●  Carrying out user experience testing to develop the user interfaces

●  Setting up a live private sector hub, and onboarding IdP(s) and the Digital Log Book

●  Onboarding a cohort of local authority customers to access live services with logins aligned to Verify standards through the DLB

●  Monitoring and evaluating success, and in particular the value of local data in identity proofing

●  Exploring ideas on information governance and commerciality to inform future commercial relationships between IdPs, hub providers and LAs/HAs, under Third Party Identity Assurance

●  Work with DWP and LA subject matter experts to understand how/if DWP and LA user journeys overlap, and how they could be harnessed and enhanced to increase the GOV.UK Verify registration rates for UC applicants

●  Work with DWP and LA subject matter experts to identify candidate research topics about how attributes and metadata from DWP could further enhance identity verification registration rates for thin-file customers.

Project Status

Updated May2019

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Please Read the latest PRESS RELEASE issued about this project. (13th May 2019)


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