Digital Sources of Trust 1 & 2 – concluded

Paper credentials are frequently presented as evidence of identity and/or entitlement by people wishing to open a new relationship with an organisation. Banks, mobile phone operators and local public service providers all allow utility bills, bank statements, council tax bills etc to be used to support a claim. However, much of this paper evidence is easily forged. In almost all instances it is impossible for the organisation inspecting the paper evidence to validate the information printed on it with the Issuing Authority. Where such mechanisms do exist they are expensive to operate for both the party validating the evidence and the issuing authority providing the validation.

These projects looked at user journeys that explored three mechanisms; a ‘digital notary’, a direct attribute provision service and a Personal Data Store (PDS).

Adobe, South Yorkshire Credit Union and Validoc delivered these projects.

The below video is showing user journey exploring the use of QR codes on paper evidence.


Learn about the results of the two projects in the White Paper.