Creating a Digital ID in Jersey – Concluded

The States of Jersey (SoJ) eGovernment programme will be a major business-led transformation programme to implement the eGovernment Model vision that will be led by technology.

The eGovernment model sets out 4 key themes:

  • Customer personalisation
  • Operational effectiveness
  • Trusted identification
  • Enabling infrastructure

A fundamental component to support the model is some form of Digital ID for citizens and organisations. SoJ wish to leverage the knowledge gained during the development of the UK Government identity assurance programme to hasten adaptation and adoption for Jersey.

The hypothesis was that the UK Government identity assurance model could be adapted for Jersey with the support of certified UK IdPs and potential identity assurance hub providers, to meet the requirements of SoJ. The hypothesis also considered that this would create an attractive market opportunity in Jersey for one or more of these providers.


States of JerseyDigidentityExperian, Verizon


Learn about the results of this project in the White Paper.