Counterpoint consultants help organizations innovate, transform and grow – by putting the customer at the heart of everything and harnessing the power of digital identity and data.


Media, finance, retail banking, telecoms, health, education, travel, entertainment and public sector, start-ups and large organisations have achieved their business objectives as a result of realistic roadmaps that embrace digital technology to build powerful brands, extend customer reach and result in great user experiences. Privacy, data protection and security are core to our work.


Counterpoint can help organizations transform through the full project lifecycle or get an idea off the ground. We’re agile and experienced at embedding a culture of agile innovation to ensure your business stays ahead of the curve.


Established in 2003 by Sarah Walton. Sarah co-founded one of the first community email and blog environments on the web in 1994. Doug Englebart, co-inventor of the internet, was on the management team. She is also a mentor, agile coach & public speaker.


Counterpoint also runs Innovation Retreats called “Innovate in the Jungle” for teams that want to get away from the office and free up their brains to innovate in remote places.

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