This year we are implementing the use a single transferable vote / instant-runoff system for the election of the OIX UK | Europe Board, General member representative, to replace the first-past-the-post approach we’ve used previously.

Some useful details can be found in a Wikipedia article here: (It also provides a simple, but helpful example in an accompanying table.)

In brief; voters will be asked to list candidates in order of preference. The candidate receiving the fewest number of votes, is eliminated at the first count and their votes are re-distributed to remaining candidates; and so on, until the field is reduced to two. At this point it has become an “instant runoff” that allows a comparison of the top two candidates head-to-head.

Voters will be required to mark a preference for every candidate standing.

Ballots that do not contain a complete ordering of all candidates will be considered invalid, even if there are only two candidates standing.

We believe that the result will show that the winner is favoured by a much greater proportion of the electorate, rather than being merely the beneficiary of a vote that could have been split between otherwise stronger candidates.

Please do ensure you take note of the deadline dates being sent via email by Stephanie Meli and ensure you cast your vote.

Don Thibeau

Chairman and President, Open Identity Exchange