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The OIX Blockchain, Identity, Trust and Governance (BITGov) Workshops are one-day educational workshops for lawyers, policy makers, and technologists involved in deploying systems at scale utilizing blockchain and distributed ledger technology. The goal is for participants to share their expertise and create a global community dedicated to interdisciplinary knowledge exchange, and the formation of best practices that will inform private enterprises, public entities, and governmental bodies on how to responsibly and successfully deploy projects using distributed ledger technology. This paper provides insight into the discussions and debates that have been held through these workshops.
This is report is from the 2nd OIX Blockchain, Identity, Trust and Governance (BITGov) Workshop that took place in London on June 15, 2018. The first BITGov Workshop was held May 9, 2018 at Stanford and that workshop report can be found here.

September 2018

Open Identity Exchange

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