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This project has explore the opportunity of micro sources of data contributing to the verification gaps IDPs face with certain demographics.  It looks specifically at the London Borough of Tower Hamlets data on their social housing customers, a high percentage of whom are unemployed.   The scenario of allowing the data to be accessed via an aggregator, in this case Etive Technologies Digital Log Book, was explored.  

The paper states:

1) The Local Authority and Housing Association data matches gaps in demographics the Identity Providers currently face.

2) The housing data and it’s on boarding processes appears to have value against:

·        Element C – low to medium

·        Element E – low to medium 


With recommended additions to the on-boarding process there may also be value for the Identity Providers for Elements A & B.


For each of these statements the paper will go into detail how these assessments have been made and identify risks around them.  The paper makes certain recommendations to the London Borough of Tower Hamlets and Etive’s Digital Log Book; how relatively small changes can be made to increase the value of the data against the Cabinet Office GPG standards.

The paper also details user testing conducted during the project which revealed a positive customer reaction to having their housing association data used  in the verification process.

Project participants:  Tower Hamlets, Government Digital Services, Etive

Micro Sources of Data WP

February 2017


Helen Wall, Wallogic and James Peart, Government Digital Services

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