San Ramon, Calif., November 13, 2014 ‑ The Open Identity Exchange today announced that Adobe, Callsign, ComSignTrust, Escher Group, iSignthis, Lumenous, v-auth and T-Mobile have joined the organization, and KPMG has joined at the Executive Board level. By joining the OIX, these distinguished companies are validating and demonstrating their support for OIX as an identity trust global center of excellence.

The broadening influence and impact of OIX is demonstrated by the active engagement of these organizations in the markets where they operate and illustrates the importance of the identity solutions that OIX is uniquely able to provide across a wide ranging set of needs and use cases.

The diversity of the OIX and these new members, each a leader in their industry sectors, reflects the growing worldwide support for the development and registration of trust frameworks: pre-negotiated sets of business, legal, and technical agreements that provide mutual assurance that online transactions can be trusted.

KPMG, Adobe, Callsign, ComSignTrust, Escher Group, iSignthis, Lumenous, v-auth and T-Mobile join a distinct group of OIX members and digital identity thought leaders including CA Technologies, Equifax, Experian, Google, LexisNexis, Microsoft, PayPal, Ping Identity, SecureKey, Symantec, UK Cabinet Office, Verizon and many other companies and organizations dedicated to accelerating open options for securely managing digital identities ( Members of the OIX are committed to extending the functionality of the identity trust layer of online transactions across a growing number of critical corporate, governmental and consumer channels.

As a start up at the forefront of tackling identity and trust issues, we are proud to be part of the OIX community,” commented Zia Hayat, CEO and founder of Callsign “With Callsign’s ambition to improve the privacy and security of people’s interactions, we feel in sync with the OIX which has the same interests at heart. We look forward to achieving our goal of transforming the digital identification landscape with the help of the Open Identity Exchange and its other members.
The business and IT world is experiencing a turmoil of identities breach and e-trust failures that is becoming a major headache to governments and corporates. We in ComSignTrust believe in the qualified e-signature solutions and in trustable corresponding software signing solutions for every business. The OIX is excellent forum to seriously discuss such solutions and promote the idea of e-signature as a strong pillar in the e-citizen identity – a forum to meet and discuss practical ways to implement easy to use, click-to-sign, reliable and trusted e-signature solutions,” says Amir Gil, vice president International Sales, ComSignTrust
Escher Group is excited at becoming a member of OIX. OIX has established itself globally as a reputable identity trust center of excellence. As a leading provider of digital point of service solutions, Escher Group recognizes the extensive opportunities for businesses in offering services online. Equally we are cognizant of the challenges in building trust in online identity. Being part of the OIX network will bring significant value to Escher Group, providing us with access to industry expertise, rich market insights and shared best practices. Escher Group looks forward to collaborating with and adding value to the growing ecosystem of companies offering services in this space,” Liam Church, Chief Executive Officer of Escher Group
iSignthis Ltd establishes a person’s identity by verifying their online payment transactions, in order to dynamically create evidence of identity.” said John Karantzis, CEO of iSignthis Ltd. “As an identity provider, the framework for authentication and federation that then allows us to bind a person’s identity to applications and authentication technologies is of critical importance. The framework and standards created by OIX, including OpenID Connect, have established credibility among industry and government, and underpin our service offer. iSignthis is proud to be an active member of the OIX and we look forward to assisting with the development and adoption of the trust framework approach to digital identities.
OIX not only stands out as a leader in trust frameworks but also is the first to actively  promote and support the efforts of startups, like Lumenous, that are innovating in emerging data architectures and business models grounded in trusted online exchanges,” said LaVonne Reimer, Founder and CEO of Lumenous “We are excited to join OIX and its community to help extend the power of the trust framework approach into the world of big data startups.
v-auth limited is delighted to join OIX, the leading network for innovative companies addressing the challenges of developing effective digital identity solutions,” said Steve Brittan CEO of v-auth, Ltd. “v-auth was encouraged to join OIX both as a way of promoting its pin+ fully virtual authentication technology to other OIX members, and also to collaborate with the OIX network to continue to innovate in this vitally important area of our digital economy. “Since joining v-auth has already seen substantial benefit from the networking opportunities afforded by OIX, and we look forward to contributing to the development of OIX in the coming years.
As market leaders in their respective fields, companies joining OIX understand the importance of working together across multi-business sectors to share domain expertise, conduct joint research, and implement pilot projects to test real world use cases to drive the expansion of existing online services and the adoption of new online solutions.” said Don Thibeau, chairman of the OIX. “We are excited to have the opportunity to share in their unique expertise and the key market insights they bring to the OIX.

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The Open Identity Exchange (OIX) builds trust in online identity. OIX develops and registers trust frameworks: pre-negotiated sets of business, legal, and technical agreements that provide mutual assurance that online transactions can be trusted. OIX is a neutral, technology agnostic, non-profit trade organization where members from across multi-business sectors can come together to share domain expertise, joint research, and pilot projects to test real world use cases to drive the expansion of existing online services and the adoption of new online solutions.  Market leading members include Barclays, CA Technologies, Equifax, Experian, Google, KPMG, LexisNexis, Microsoft, NRI, Ping Identity, Symantec, UK Cabinet Office, Timpson and Verizon.

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