Mobile Identity and Authentication Leader to Help Shape a New Trust Framework

TORONTO, Canada, May 22, 2013 –SecureKey Technologies Inc., a global leader in building identity and authentication ecosystems, today announced that it has joined the Open Identity Exchange (OIX) at the executive level, joining the board of the non-profit organization dedicated to building trust in the exchange of online identity credentials across public and private sectors.

As a board member of the OIX, SecureKey will help shape a market infrastructure for online trust with the development of a new trust framework. Working together with more than 30 of the most influential and innovative organizations in the identity space, SecureKey will also leverage the OIX collaborative model to test the interoperability of business, legal, and/or technical concepts and theories in real-world use cases.

Trust communities will play important roles in the future of online identity, and as a board member of OIX we look forward to working with the other members to help develop systems to enable these communities to function efficiently,” said Andre Boysen, executive vice president of marketing at SecureKey. “Our™ DNA security software, which is already embedded in third-generation Intel® Ultrabook™ computers with Intel IPT, transforms personal devices into strong, two-factor authentication tokens, and is a key ingredient of our cloud-based identity and authentication platform. is a groundbreaking solution that brings trust to mobile and online transactions by enabling people to use devices and credentials they already have to perform strong two-factor authentication. The suite of extended enterprise federated authentication services is easy for people to use and reduces the number of user IDs and passwords they manage, without sacrificing security and privacy.

We are pleased to have SecureKey join OIX as a board member, and look forward to their participation in addressing many of the significant challenges to create a secure online identity ecosystem,” said Don Thibeau, chairman and president of OIX. “Establishing trust in the identity ecosystem is an essential ingredient for success, and SecureKey has tremendous experience and expertise in providing innovative solutions to address this need.

About the Open Identity Exchange:
The Open Identity Exchange (OIX) is a non-profit trade organization of market leaders from competing business sectors e.g. the internet (Google, PayPal, etc.), data aggregation (Equifax, Experian, etc.), and telecommunications (AT&T, Verizon, etc.) driving the expansion of existing online services and the adoption of new online products. OIX helps develop and register trust frameworks: pre-negotiated sets of business, legal, and technical agreements that provide stakeholders with mutual assurance that their online transactions can be trusted. OIX members form a global center of excellence for the identity trust layer of online transactions sharing domain expertise, joint research, and pilot projects to test real world use cases.

About SecureKey Technologies Inc.:
SecureKey is a global leader in building identity and authentication ecosystems. We make it easy to incorporate strong authentication into a wide range of online, mobile and in-person identity and authentication applications for financial services, government, healthcare, converged commerce, and extended enterprises. Our groundbreaking, cloud-based platform combines powerful, device-based security with federated authentication to enhance privacy, create trust, and increase convenience for consumers – using devices and credentials they already have. SecureKey is Privacy by Design (PbD) Ambassador based in Toronto, Canada, with backing from leading technology, payments and mobile network operators. For additional information about SecureKey, visit

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