Trusted online transactions are a core interest of leading UK technology consultancy
Consult Hyperion, the leading independent IT consultancy specialising in secure electronic transactions, has joined the Open Identity Exchange (OIX).

OIX is a non-profit trade organisation driving the adoption of new and existing online identity products and services through the development of trust frameworks and listing services.

Consult Hyperion’s head of delivery Steve Pannifer said,

Digital identity has always been a fundamental element of our business. Poor identity management is arguably the single biggest barrier to future online services. OIX is playing a key role in removing that barrier by bringing together key industry players and by promoting the establishment of trust frameworks. We are therefore very supportive of OIX and are delighted to become members.

Consult Hyperion is actively involved in client projects addressing many technical and commercial aspects of digital identity. Many of its customers in the payments and mobile industries are natural players in providing identity services to consumers.

We are delighted that Consult Hyperion is joining OIX. Consult Hyperion are recognised experts in their field and a team for whom we have great respect. We are very much looking forward to working with Consult Hyperion, in partnership with our membership, in addressing the many and significant online identity challenges,” said Don Thibeau, chairman and executive director, Open Identity Exchange.

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About Consult Hyperion:

Consult Hyperion is an independent information technology consultancy that has spent over two decades advising leading organisations around the world. Consult Hyperion helps these organisations to reap real benefits from technological change in the field of secure electronic transactions ranging from retail payments to mobile wallets to contactless transit ticketing.  Consult Hyperion is uniquely qualified to advise on turning great business ideas into working systems that can help customers, and to evaluate new business concepts, develop new products and services from specification to customer roll-out, and to test and certify complex systems .

The four main sectors the company operates in are; financial services, with card schemes, banks, retailers and others; telecommunications and media, advising world leading companies; technology, to support some of the largest IT companies, and in the public sector and transit where projects include transit operators, government and law enforcement.

About the Open Identity Exchange (OIX):

The Open Identity Exchange (OIX) is a non-profit trade organization of market leaders from competing business sectors e.g. the internet (Google, PayPal, etc.), data aggregation (Equifax, Experian, etc.), and telecommunications (AT&T, Verizon, etc.) driving the expansion of existing online services and the adoption of new online products. OIX helps develop and certify trust frameworks: pre-negotiated sets of business, legal, and technical agreements that provide stakeholders with mutual assurance that their online transactions can be trusted. OIX members form a global center of excellence for the identity trust layer of online transactions sharing domain expertise, joint research, and pilot projects to test real world use cases.