Janrain, the leading provider of user management solutions for the social web, announced today that it is joining the Open Identity Exchange (OIX), a non-profit organization dedicated to building trust in the exchange of online identity credentials across public and private sectors.

As a founding member of the OpenID Foundation, it’s only natural that Janrain becomes a member of OIX and we are excited to do so,” said Bill Piwonka, Vice President of Marketing at Janrain. “We have always been committed to the open source movement and the belief that our industry can come together to create the standards and framework necessary to instill trust in the strength of security, privacy and operational policies for all parties involved when authenticating a user’s identity online.

Janrain has a storied history in supporting the mission of OIX and OIDF. In 2005, Janrain became an active participant in the OpenID community and was instrumental in developing the open source libraries which today power the majority of the websites accepting OpenID logins. Janrain was also involved in forming the OpenID Foundation, an organization seeking to advance the market for this technology. As the leader in online user management and identity, Janrain will leverage its experience and global presence to assist OIX in expanding an international network of trust frameworks.

The Janrain User Management Platform (JUMP) helps organizations succeed on the social web by providing technology that leverages the popularity of social networks and identities for user acquisition, engagement, and enhanced customer intelligence. Our solutions, including social login, social sharing, social profile data collection and storage, access to the social graph, and digital strategy services, improve the effectiveness of online marketing initiatives for leading brands like Fox, Universal Music Group, Whole Foods, Purina, Samsung and Dr Pepper. Founded in 2005, Janrain is based in Portland, Oregon. For more information, please call 1-888-563-3082 or visit www.janrain.com and follow @janrain.

OIX is a non-profit trade organization of market leaders from competing business sectors, e.g. the internet, data aggregation and telecommunications, which are driving the expansion of existing online services and the adoption of new online products. OIX helps develop and certify trust frameworks: pre-negotiated sets of business, legal, and technical agreements that provide stakeholders with mutual assurance that their online transactions can be trusted. OIX members form a global center of excellence for the identity trust layer of online transactions sharing domain expertise, joint research, and pilot projects to test real world use cases.