Mydex, the personal data store and trusted identity provider, today successfully secured approval for its “Mydex Trust Framework” to be listed by the Open Identity Exchange.

The Mydex Trust Framework is a set of legal and technical rules by which members of a network agree to operate in order to achieve trust online. At its core it delivers a trusted digital identity, a hyper secure personal data store and platform from which individuals can connect to each other and organisations for the bi-directional exchange of information in a secure and verified manner.

At its most basic level it allows individuals to present themselves online with a trusted identity and digital letterbox. These two key features alone represent dramatic savings for organisations in distribution and verification costs and whilst individuals securing access to their data in a format they can use and share effectively and are able to transact easily and conveniently online without the need for managing multiple usernames and passwords or risk over the web transactions

All data sharing is undertaken using a standard data sharing agreement in which the specific data to be shared and the uses that can be made of it are defined and agreed between both parties with the individual being in control of the permissioning process. This polarity shift in the way in which individuals engage with organisations provides a stable easy use, convenient and highly flexible yet secure utility for the individual and the organisations connecting with them.

As part of the Mydex Trust Framework is an open API which allows application developers and services providers signed up to the Mydex Trust Framework to offer value adding, applications and services to members. This creates a new ecosystem for innovation and new forms of engagement between organisations and individuals.

Don Thibeau, OIX Chairman and President, said “Mydex represent a special need that is provides individuals the tools and capabilities to take control and secure their personal information. The Mydex Trust Framework is a platform for all parties to participate in a transparent and secure manner. We welcome the Mydex Trust Framework to the Open Identity Exchange.”

Mydex Trust Framework recognised by Open Identity Exchange

Mydex Chief Executive, David Alexander said, “We are delighted to secure recognition for the Mydex Trust Framework, we have been working towards this moment for over five years, as members of OIX we have seen the evolution of identity online become one of the cornerstones of the new economy that is emerging described the the World Economic Forum as Personal Data the asset class. The Mydex Trust Framework is designed to protect those assets on behalf of the individuals and deliver a secure means of information to flow between individuals and organisations that is fully informed, permissioned based and has privacy by design at its heart.”

Trust Frameworks are one of the key enablers promoted by the U.S. National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC) for creating a safe online “identity ecosystem” and by the UK Government in its forthcoming Cross Government Identity Assurance scheme which enables individuals to take control of their identity and securely access government services. Mydex has been supporting the UK Government Identity Assurance programme for the last two years on a voluntary basis as it believes this represents a major step toward for individuals and organisations alike.

Notes to editors

Mydex CIC

Mydex is a new British service expressly designed to help individuals regain control of their personal data. Mydex is a Community Interest Company is a social enterprise with its origins in the Young Foundation (which also created the Open University and the Consumers’ Association Which?). Its mission is to empower individuals to manage their lives more effectively through convenient, trustworthy access and control of their personal data and how it is used by them and others

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