As of today, the European based online identity service provider, Prooflink joins the open identity exchange, a non-profit corporation serving as a neutral provider of trust frameworks for open identity technologies.

By contributing to the OIX, Prooflink lays a foundation for their current and future customers to accept multiple international identity providers, like Google, Paypal, Mobile or Government ID’s and bridge the business, legal and technical gaps, currently limiting their online business.

By contributing to the OIX Prooflink hopes industry will be able to create a trusted ecosystem for digital identity, consumers and relying party’s are able to use in an easy manner for their online business.

The Prooflink membership will be announced at the first OIX member meeting on Wednesday, June 8 at Washington DC.

Prooflink is a European based Identity Service Provider, that helps organizations in online-retail, media, Insurance and government, to accept multiple international identity providers,for their online services. The Prooflink platform connects with millions of known users, simply accepting preferred identification³ methods like Google, Facebook, Twitter or national, banking and mobile identities. In addition the Prooflink platform validates in realtime additional data sources like social reputation, address or creditworthiness. By using Prooflink organizations directly benefit from value added registration, verification and social sharing services to increase online conversion and user convenience.