Philadelphia — March 3, 2010 – Hal Warren, President of the OpenID society, yesterday addressed members of the National Federation of Advanced Information Services (NFAIS) and announced to the group the formation of the Open Identity Exchange (OIX). The NFAIS is a membership association for all organizations that create, aggregate, organize, and otherwise provide ease of access to and effective navigation and use of authoritative, credible information. Warren was speaking at the group’s annual conference, “Redefining the Value of Information: Exploring the New Equation” held at Park Hyatt Philadelphia at the Bellevue in Philadelphia, PA.

Said Warren, As President of the OpenID Society, on behalf of the OpenID Foundation and the Information Card Foundation in partnership with Equifax, Google, PayPal, VeriSign and Verizon I am pleased to announce here at NFAIS the formation of the Open Identity Exchange. This announcement is also being made today at the RSA Security Conference in San Francisco.The objective of the Open Identity Exchange or OIX is to build trust into the digital identity infrastructure. The U.S. Government has joined with OIX to create a trust framework that will enable the American public to engage in open, transparent and participatory government while maintaining full control of how much or how little personal information they share at all times. OIX will certify and register the participating identity providers as reliable transaction partners to increase trustworthiness and accountability.

The opportunity for us as Advanced Information Service providers is to bring forth agreements of the trusted claims we manage. As an example, we at the American Psychological Association can verify claims of authorship, membership or employment. As we build an ecosystem of Trusted Identity the bandwidth and reliability of human-to-human communication will increase and our capacity to contribute will grow.

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