Atam ID Technologies is solving identity problems for citizens and organisations in a trusted, secure, self-sovereign way leveraging blockchain and biometric technologies.

Our app based model provides users with a means to prove their identities and securely share identity attributes including zero knowledge proofs with organisations that have requested it.

Atam ID also provides a secure method for allowing customers and staff to log into systems without needing a password. Facial verification and other biometric means can be integrated into decision-making processes in order to combat fraud and threats such as business email compromise.

For businesses, Atam ID facilitates numerous other integrations with customers – an automated means of fulfilling KYC and AML legal requirements, and capturing key customer data with their permission for payment and other processes, without them needing to fill in forms.

For consumers, Atam ID provides a means of securely storing key data and documents on the phone and sharing them with selected 3rd parties.

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