Adapting the GOV.UK Verify Model for the States of Jersey – Concluded

Following the OIX Discovery Project ‘Creating a Digital ID in Jersey‘, that concluded that the GOV.UK Verify scheme could be adapted economically to meet the requirements of States of Jersey, this Alpha project plans to build an identity assurance hub, based on the Verify model, and to determine if citizens of Jersey would be able and willing to obtain and use a digital identity from an identity provider to access a States of Jersey service.

The project tested the following three hypotheses:

Citizens of Jersey would be willing to use a digital identity, based on the GOV.UK Verify model, to access a States of Jersey service.

A Jersey-based digital technology company, with appropriate support, is able to build a prototype of an identity assurance hub that replicates the GOV.UK Verify hub functionality to enable the States of Jersey relying party to request a Level of Assurance 2 (LoA2) identity from an identity provider.

Trusted sources of data are available with sufficient demographic coverage to enable the majority of Jersey residents to obtain a digital identity online.

White Paper

Learn about the results of they project in the White Paper