Project Scope

Project Context

Safety and security remains the number one priority and responsibility for all stakeholders within aviation. However, the approach taken to achieve this is divided, with each stakeholder taking steps to ensure their obligations are met with little or no coordination between parties. This results in a frustrating and repetitive process for the customer.

It is IAG’s vision to create a streamlined, friction-free process that allows an individual to assert their identity, online or in person, to the required level, keeps personal data private and enables improvements to operational efficiency and security.

Project Hypothesis

  • That a GOV.UK Verify digital identity could underpin the UK citizen passenger journey, allow passengers to travel securely, create improved service delivery and value to all stakeholders.
  • That UK passport attribute verification / provision could support / improve the journey

Project Objectives

  1. To test how a GOV.UK Verify digital identity might streamline the airline passenger journey
  2. To understand what the value might be of passport attribute verification / provision might me
  3. To understand what the value is for all stakeholders is of using a digital identity (passengers, airlines, airports and government)
  4. To understand what would be required to technical connect to the proposed sandbox environment
  5. To identify the next steps based on the project outcome

Project Status

(updated 7th June 2017)

Project Context, Hypothesis and Objectives


IAG, HMPO, Home Office, Department for Transport, GDS

Project Co-ordinator:  
Innovate Identity

Last Month Activity:

First round of user research completed

Next Month Activity:

Second round of user research to take place