Project ideas can be proposed by any organisation. Projects are collaboratively funded and sponsored/lead by OIX members. Please read the OIX UK Project Process.

Below is a list of prospective projects currently being scoped, prior to becoming ‘current’ OIX projects. A project needs to meet the OIX UK Project Definition policy in order to proceed as an OIX project, which we describe as having reached Stage Gate 4. Please click on the link in the table below, under Project, for the project hypothesis and objectives, where available.

Please note start/completion dates are estimates and subject to change. If you wish to propose a project please contact Please also use this email address if you are interested in discussing participation in any of the projects listed below and wish to contact the project sponsor, unless the email address is shown below.

Prospective Projects as at October 2017

Project OIX Sponsor (s) Project Status Start/Complete Date
Extending Identity Portability Evernym Stage Gate 2  September/December 2017
Mobile Wallets GDS Stage Gate 1
Micro Sources of Data Alpha GDS  Stage Gate 1
Digital Photo Requirements GDS/Penny Newton Stage Gate 2 May/August 2017
Face to Face Alpha Innovate Identity/Rob Laurence Stage Gate 2 May/August 2017
MNO Activity History (white paper report) GDS/Carrie Hartnell-Grundy Stage Gate 1
Sharing Economy (Alpha) GDS/Penny Newton Stage Gate 2