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Projects are defined as small scale, low risk assessments, analysis or tests of interoperable components that address the key challenges of creating convenient, secure, and privacy-enhancing digital transactions. These projects target specific issues that have been identified by an organisation.

The process for running a project is clearly defined.  Projects are collaborative and funding is provided privately by the organisations involved. Projects will test solutions with representative users and be designed to be scalable.

John Timpson, Chairman for Timpson talks about why Timpson is interested in the digital identity eco system at the September 2015 Follow the Entrepreneur event.

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Kantara Initiative and OIX Announce Collaboration to Grow Trust Framework Adoption

San Diego, CA – July 27, 2010 – Open Identity Exchange (OIX) and Kantara Initiative announced today that they will begin collaborating on digital trust framework development to build and promote adoption of a robust online trust ecosystem. [...]

Questions for Nico Popp, Vice President, Identity and Authentication Services at Symantec

Nico Popp is a founding board member of the OIX.  He heads product development for VeriSign Trust Seal Services, now a Symantec business. Nico was Vice President of Product for VeriSign Authentication Services where he [...]

OIX Board Meets with White House National Security Staff

On September 8, the OIX met with the White House National Security Staff on the development of the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC). OIX has engaged government leaders regarding new identity technologies [...]

Questions with Scott Rice, Chief Information Officer, PacificEast

After spending the first half of his career in traditional technology development and information systems management, Scott Rice has enjoyed the migration to designing and overseeing development of specialized internet-based, real-time information products. Scott is [...]

Questions with Eric Sachs, Product Manager at Google Security and CIO Departments

Eric Sachs has more than 15 years of experience in the areas of user identity and security for hosted Web applications. During his five-plus years at Google, he has worked as a Product Manager for [...]

OIX and Open Forum Foundation Build Trust in Online Constituent Identity

Open Identity Exchange has funded the Open Forum Foundation to study the development of an online constituent identity trust framework, a critical piece of online citizen engagement infrastructure that will facilitate access for authenticated constituents [...]