OIX projects are member led and can accelerate a dynamic market of open standards based services. Public and private sector organisations alike benefit from collaborative development of the open standards. The OIX process ensures services are developed in a fair and transparent manner. OIX UK focuses on the needs of the user.

to accelerate the development and adoption of UK/EU identity standards that interoperate with global markets.

  • OIX is designed to complement sector or subject specific organisations development of open standards
  • OIX projects identify at the outset the aspects of a project for which open standards will be considered and describe the results in Project Reports and White Papers
  • OIX projects aim to deliver services, standards and schemes registered at OIXNet
OIX projects are collaboratively funded.OIX facilitates collaborative projects via :

  • oversight to ensure all rules are met by all project participants
  • administration of funding of projects
  • communication of project results once agreed through the OIX UK project reports and white papers, website and workshops
  • OIX requires a 10% Project Facilitation Fee (min £2,500)
All non-member project participants must sign the OIX Participant Agreement.
Project findings are available to all at no cost at oixuk.org. No public disclosure until publication or distribution
Projects aim to test commercially viable services but eschew any discussion of costs and pricing.
The OIXUK “Stage Gate” process reports the status of all projects to all participants.
Projects aim to have limited scope, market impact and of short duration.
Project participation will not preclude participation in later procurements.
No organisation is obliged to work with any other organisation.
Projects will not use live ‘identity’ data, unless permitted on an exception basis by the OIX UK Executive Committee