Project Scope

As part of the registration process of newly qualified doctors, the General Medical Council (GMC) carries out physical ID checks throughout the year at UK medical schools. The current scale of this task is to manually ID check 7500 students in person across 34 medical schools (of which – some are foreign nationals). This is a lengthy process that can create dissatisfaction from medical students and has a cost impact on the GMC as extra people are required plus travel/ accommodation costs.

The project will test the following hypotheses:

  • Medical students would be comfortable to use GOV.UK Verify to replace physical ID checks as part of the GMC registration process.
  • The use of GOV.UK Verify to replace physical ID checks would result in a smoother, easier and more secure registration journey for the medical students.

Project Status

(updated 7th June 2017)

Project Context, Hypothesis and Objectives

General Medical Council (GMC), Government Digital Services (GDS)

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Last Month Activity:
User research results to be compiled and presented

Next Month Activity:

Incorporating White Paper feedback