Project Scope

Following the OIX Discovery Project ‘Creating a Pensions Dashboard‘, the OIX project has moved into a second phase of Alpha.  The project will look to design and prove the integration between pension dashboards and private-sector Verify.  The focus is on technical integration and security.  The focus will be to design, but not test, the integration between pension dashboards and the DWP for state pensions.  Whilst user requirements such as consent and login are key, the project will not be involved in user dashboard experience.

The project will test the following hypotheses:

Digital identities that have been certified against government standards through an accredited identity scheme will provide the necessary assurance of identity to Pension Providers to enable matching against back end pension accounts and presentation of the pensions data in a pension dashboard.

Project Status

(updated 6th December 2016)

Project Context, Hypothesis and Objectives

Origo, SecureKey, SAFRAN, Forgerock, Department for Work & Pensions (DWP)

Project Co-ordinator:  

Last Month Activity:
Workshops held and weekly project calls. DWP requirements finalised. User journey defined.  Technical architecture agreed.

Next Month Activity:
Wireframes Developed.  Build prototype and testing prototype