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Open Identity Exchange to Incubate the Distributed Ledger Foundation

Incubation means different things to each of us. For those of us in the technology space, when we hear the term “incubation” we think of a start-up organization being incubated with venture capital support or within a higher education institution. On March 13, 2018 Open Identity Exchange will begin the process of incubating the Distributed Ledger [...]

OIX Market Survey – feedback requested

Whether you’ve been a member of Open Identity Exchange (OIX) before, or know very little about us, we are looking for some feedback! We are conducting a short survey open to all those who are active in the identity marketplace. We want to find out your views on not only OIX and our standing in the [...]

OIX UK Europe General Member Representative to the Board Announcement

Thanks to all who voted to elect a general member and alternate who will represent you on the Open Identity Exchange UK Europe Board of Directors. All general members were eligible and many took the opportunity to nominate and second candidates, and vote. I am pleased to announce the election of Rob Laurence as the general [...]

Using Verify for Local Authority Multi Service Portals (Alpha Project) – The Business Case

Blog #2 By Ian Litton, project manager. At the heart of the Etive OIX project is exploring how locally held data can help hard to reach groups achieve a GOV.UK Verify account. In this blog, though, I take a step back and talk about why highly assured online identity matters. What is in it for local [...]