The Open Identity Exchange UK (OIX UK)

a non-profit, technology agnostic, collaborative cross sector membership organisation with the purpose of accelerating the adoption of digital identity services based on open standards

Spotlight White Paper:  Use of online activity as part of the identity verification

Use of Online Activity



Open Identity Exchange UK (OIXUK)

OIX UK, is a Chapter of the global organisation working directly with private sector and governments, to enable the expansion of online identity services and adoption of new online identity products, with a focus on the British citizen.

OIX UK will help organisations create schemes leveraging or defining appropriate open identity standards. It will help create certification requirements for schemes and services that will be listed on an open registry in order to assist adoption and enable interoperability and competition in global markets

OIX UK will accomplish its aims through communication, open workshops and collaborative projects, the results of which are always published in white papers, in order to achieve the collective aims of its members. Each project is conducted under IPR protection and a common set of rules, for the benefit of all stakeholders.

OIX UK is open to new members.  Non members are welcome to attend many of our workshops, membership is preferred for participation in projects.  Contact us for further information.